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It protects your binos from rain, snow, dust, etc. Keeps them out of the way from your bowstring when the shot of a lifetime presents itself. It allows you to stalk on your hands and knees without your binos dragging on the ground. All while keeping them at your finger tips for that quick look at your game.

How they work;

1. While walking, stalking, crawling, on stand, etc. use your standard bino strap or a bino-harness around your neck. The Bino-saver covers your binoculars to protect them and keep them out of the way, by holding them against your chest.

2. When you need to use, simply pull off the top of the Bino-saver to expose your binoculars.

3. Then just raise up to view. This can all be done with one hand while hanging on to your bow or gun.

4. To make the shot or to stalk closer, just tuck the binos back inside to keep them out of the way. Elastic strap holds the binos against your body. Draw cord and cord lock allow adjustment of the opening according to your binocular style and size.

Regular, works for most 10X42, 10X50 Roof prism binos Small, works for most 8X32 binos Custom sizes available, contact us for pricing and design.

(Binocular strap or harness not included)


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Weight 1 lbs


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