Pants and Bibs Options

Double Butt

Double Butt - Adds a lot to the durability of a pair of pants. Keeps you more comfortable when sitting on damp rocks, stumps or tree seats,and also with this option you get 2 back pockets with flap and snap closure. 

Wool $45.00 - Wolfskin $35.00

Double Knee - For those of you that stalk a lot this is a great feature as the knees are a spot that really takes a pounding. Also helps keep you dry when kneeling in snow or damp ground. 

Wool $25.00 - Wolfskin $20.00

Double Knee
Cargo Pocket

Cargo Pockets - Increases the amount of storage space considerably! One on the side of each leg with flap and snap closure. Pleated to allow expansion. 

Wool $45.00 - Wolfskin $35.00

Bow Pocket - Customized pocket to rest bottom limb of your bow into while standing or sitting. Normally sewn on just in front of the inseam at your preference for height. 

Wool and Wolfskin $20.00

Bow Pocket
Leg Zippers

Zippered legs on Pants or Unlined Bibs - Zippers are nice in the legs to make it easier to get pants or bibs off without having to take off your boots. Zippers go up as far as allowed depending on if you add Cargo Pockets or not. Cargo Pockets limit how far up the Leg Zippers will go. 


Upper Handwarmer Pockets - For those of you that like extra pockets on your Bibs. Positioned so hands lay comfortably in pockets at the perfect angle. Welt style built right into the front of the Bibs (not sewn on patch pockets). Standard on unlined bibs 

Wool $35.00 - Wolfskin $30.00

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