About Our Products

About Our Products:

On all seams that bear stress (and some that don’t), We double, triple and sometimes stitch them 4 times! Even the bottoms of the inner pocket liners get two rows of tough stitching to make sure you don’t have the bottom fall out and lose valuable equipment. *Bar tacking. All spots of stress are bar tacked to make sure they don’t fail. Belt loops, waist adjusters, pocket flaps and all sewn on pockets, such as cargo pockets on pants, have all corners of the pockets bar tacked down to increase strength and make sure the points of the pockets don’t catch on anything you might rub up against.

We use what’s called a TEX 60 polyester wrapped polyester core (polyester is what gives thread it’s strength). Most manufacturers use TEX 40 polyester wrapped cotton. When they want to pull out all the stops they go to a TEX 50 polyester wrapped cotton. Cost seems to be the issue. Cost isn’t the issue with what we use. Strength and durability is. *Snaps. Only the best you can buy. DOT brand. Made in the USA with tolerances close to exact. Made to last a lifetime!

One brand stands above the rest…YKK. They’ve been around forever and are what all other zippers are compared to. The zippers on Gray Wolf jackets, vests, and bibs and leg zippers on pants take some hard use, so we use a heavy-duty #8 — many of them 2 way where needed. There are numerous other areas we target to make sure they are going to hang in there with the tough hunting conditions and use that we know our clothing can and will be put through. You can be assured that a Gray Wolf product is made tough to last a long long time.

There are very few manufacturers that actually make their clothing to the specs that a hunter would suggest or requires. Having hunted most of our lives, gives us a first hand perspective of what the hunter really needs. Plus…one of the most important things…listening to what others suggest. Many times others experience in the woods and expert feedback are integral parts of the design of Gray Wolf clothing.

Bi-Swing Back
A special pleated back that gives you freedom of movement, and no bind in the back and shoulders when drawing your bow.

Most manufacturers make sleeves that will accommodate either Popeye sized forearms or 47 layers of everything you can stuff in there. Gray Wolf sleeves are a raglan sleeve with a more tailored cut that still allows for layering but is better suited for the hunter. We also have elastic adjusters as options for those people that don’t use an arm guard but still worry about string slap. An important feature of our sleeve design, is that they don’t have a sewn on cuff as do most hunting jackets. This design allows us to incorporate the cuff into the sleeve in one nice smooth piece. This reduces bulk in an area you don’t want or need it.

Again, most manufacturers make the chest as big as possible to accommodate as many sizes of people packed into that one size as possible. Our design on Jackets and Pullovers allow the chest to lay flat when you raise your arms to shoot your bow or gun.

Full cut with lots of thought put into them. Lower rise is standard so when hiking on long treks the crotch is not hanging down and rubbing on your thighs. (Taller rise available) Also incorporated is a gusseted crotch which will pretty much completely alleviates a blown out crotch! There are a lot more things that we could mention, but we think you get the idea. Quality, usefulness, and durability are first! There are many more design factors that we’ve addressed at Gray Wolf. Our continuing research — in the field and in our shop — demonstrates our commitment to making the best wool clothing you can buy. Period.


Our Lifetime Guarantee:

If you’re not COMPLETELY satisfied with your garments simply return them for a refund or replacement. If you should ever have a problem with materials or workmanship contact us, tell us the problem and we’ll make arrangements for repair or replacement. Even if its something that you did, tell us what happened and we’ll give you a fair quote on repair!

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