Predator Camo

This color combination will work for early spring turkey hunters and is equally effective for fall big game. The large contrasting brown blotches and familiar branch pattern makes the original Predator Fall Brown an all around good choice.

Predator Fall Brown

For early or late season treestand hunting, Fall Gray is unparalleled! When you take to the trees to get that once in a lifetime shot at that big buck, you need a camo pattern that breaks up your silhouette. FALL GRAY does this better than anything else! Also works great still hunting in poplars, aspens or even after a light trace of snow! In rocky terrain or sage brush you are gone!

Predator Fall Gray

From the black timber of the western mountains to the southern pine forests, spring, summer or fall Predator Spring Green disappears into the light and shadows of the forest. Blending into a green background the large contrasting green background and brown coloration breaks up the human silhouette and just disappears.

Predator Spring Green

When the temperature drops and the snow flies, WINTER WHITE comes into it’s own. Hunters disappear into the background of a world turned black and white. Whether hunting on the ground or in a tree truly Winter White is a late season predators dream.

Predator Winter White
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