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(Predator Print wool is not available at this time. We offer ASAT, which is 80% wool and 20% Nylon. We are using new technology to print the Predator pattern, but there are still a few adjustments that need to be made). 100% pure virgin wool performs like no other fabric when the weather turns cold and unpredictable. Wool is warm, when woven with a tighter weave cuts the wind very well, and even if it gets wet (wool can absorb 30% of it’s weight in moisture and not feel damp), it retains body heat like no other fabric can claim. When warmth and comfort are a priority, nothing comes close to 100% pure virgin wool.

Virgin wool does not need nylon added to it for reinforcement. The naturally long and short fibers help bind the fabric together, as well as “fill in” the material to aid in the wind and water resistant capabilities of the fabric.

At Gray Wolf our Predator wool is tightly woven 27oz 100% pure virgin wool woven to create a fabric that breathes, so it regulates heat and moisture. Our unique wool is also very water and wind resistant, especially when compared to some of the “top name” wool clothing suppliers out there. It also makes for an extremely durable fabric that can handle the rigors of hard hunting for many many years.

For Gray Wolf wool we use the most colorfast method of “printing” wool with a camouflage pattern. It’s called wet printing, but actually should be called wet “dyeing” because the fibers of the wool are actually dyed. This process assures that the wool will “not” fade over time.

NEW Wolfskin “XT”:
Due to changes in the fabric industry we have had to search for a different style wolfskin fabric. And we are glad we did! Our new wolfskin XT is the best yet! This is an awesome fabric! It has a little more stretch than the old material, especially nice on unlined garments as the fit is more forgiving when on steep climbs or treestand climbs. For sure the toughest, most durable fabric we’ve ever had. And as always the same silent properties as always.

Wolfskin is a tightly woven fabric. 100% polyester. Technical name for it is a warp knit. Because if it’s tightness of weave, it is also very wind resistant. Also be assured that Wolfskin, unlike some other “miracle” fabrics, will NOT get stiff in the coldest of temperatures. Fabrics that do get stiff do so because they are either constructed using an adhesive to glue two parts of the fabric together, or because of the composition of the liner, which is usually a wind or water resistant/proof membrane. Cold weather has no effect on Wolf Skin.

Wolfskin XT is available in ALL of the Predator patterns. We do have some remaining original wolfskin in Predator Deception Brown, Intrusion Treeline, and Intrusion Deadfall. And we also have 2009 to present era, Predator Fall Brown, and Predator Fall Gray. Contact us for more info or check out the complete fabric sample kit available below.

Fabric Sample Kit

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