Garment Linings

Garment Linings:

An unlined garment is usually very versatile as it can be worn in warmer temperatures with very few under layers and colder temperatures by wearing the right under layers. Lined garments are normally used in harsher weather situations. Gray Wolf uses a combination of linings to give what we and others feel are some of the best you can get. We are often asked “what’s the best way to go as far as lined or unlined?”. Thats a tough question, as there are so many variables. Which area of the world are you hunting in? What time of the year will you be using it? Will you be mostly stalking or sitting? Etc. etc. There really isn’t one garment for that’s best for ALL situations(although our 3 in1 outfitter jacket comes close) You really need to determine which option you will get the most use out of, or which item will accomplish what you need for your specific hunt. If you are unsure which way to go. Contact us, let us know what you will be using the garment for and we can offer suggestions based on our experience and that of our customers.

The inner liner, which is next to your skin or underlayers, on lined garments is what we call StealthFleece. This is a very soft very durable lining that you could throw over your bare skin if you wanted to and still feel very comfortable. We do offer clothing with just the Stealth Fleece lining which is the quietest option we offer. It does add some additional warmth because it creates an “airspace” between the shell and the liner.

Dupont’s ComforMax┬« IB Wind Barrier.
The ultimate wind barrier should stop the wind, of course. During exertion it should also permit heat and perspiration to escape to help regulate the body’s temperature. ComforMax┬« IB does this. Popular film membranes have excellent wind resistance too, but lack air permeability. As a comparison, it takes 14 layers of 40 – gram insulation, or eight layers of taffeta (which some companies use for a wind barrier), to equal the wind breaking ability of one layer of ComforMax┬« IB.
In all our testing and field experience along with many others experience out in the woods, we have found that this product outperforms all others, and especially for the bowhunter who demands his clothing be as quiet as possible. Comformax is the quietest wind barrier, that is actually produced as a wind barrier, that’s on the market. It also provides a certain measure of water repellency if you should get caught out in a damp situation, be it rain or snow. And if the temperatures do plummet, be assured that Comformax will not get stiff in the cold weather as it is not a laminated product.

3M’s THL3 LiteLoft Insulation with Comformax.
If you’re looking for warmth this is the combo to get! THL3 LiteLoft is a light weight insulation that is 40% warmer than the popular 200 gram Thinsulate and approx. 20% warmer than Ultra200, which is one of the premium insulations used by some companies. Combine this with the 27 oz. wool that we offer, and you’re looking at a garment that is designed for the absolute coldest temperatures nature can throw at you. A minimum of layers is required underneath to stay warm for many hours sitting on stand. NOTE: The wool combined with this lining option is actually too warm for most hunters. Combined with the WolfSkin the Comformax LiteLoft lining gives you a very light in physical weight set of cold weather clothing that will be warmer than any other clothing manufactured on the market with the exception of the wool we offer with the same lining.

Important Feature
On all of our lined garments, the Stealth Fleece lining is not “quilted” to the Comformax or the Comformax LiteLoft. We take the Comformax or the Comformax LiteLoft, cut a piece of Stealth Fleece, and sew the two together along their edges. The result: The insulation maintains it’s loft, for maximum effectiveness. This of course takes some additional time but the resulting improvement in quality and performance we think is worth it.

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