How to Take Measurements

How to Take Measurements for Correct Sizing

Use a flexible sewing tape for measurements if possible, or substitute by measuring with a non-stretch rope and then measure accordingly. Please measure your actual waist and inseam, as well as giving us your jean size.

It is best to take measurements over lightweight clothing or undergarments.


  • Waist – around waist where waistband would ride.
  • Inseam – from the crotch to floor.
  • Chest – under the arm pits with chest expanded.
  • Abdomen – around the largest part of belly.
  • Shoulder – around the shoulders, above biceps.
  • Thigh – around the largest part of the thigh.
  • Sleeve – from center of back, around shoulder, to wrist bone
    (keeping arm straight in front of you and horizontal to the ground).
    You will be measuring an “L”.
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